Andrea Benelli, known Italian poker player, has decided to leave the poker, today we received the official word from the same Benelli.

Through the social network has released the following statement: “Here I got the epilogueof a good experience for me was very important.”

During the time that Benelli has participated in many events of the poker room has beenprofoundly affected and he decided to thank all members of the poker room including JohnTria, Mimmo Lapesa, Enzo and Marco Mammatoe Cerenella.

“Now they are no longer the captain of and do a good luck to all my formerteammates.”

These were the words of the official Benelli, according to the rumors seems that Andrea is not the only player who decided to leave the well-known poker room, among the possiblecandidates are Dario Sammartino. For now they are just mere rumors of speculation we just have to wait for a confirmation or denial.

As Andrew has never left the poker room? We do not know but one thing is certain, it’s official and post her profile on the social network is clear. We want try another ways? We want change poker room? Write your consideration about it.