Poker is one of the most known card games in the world. Usually, in movies, it is played by not-so-pretty people who needs money and are willing to try anything to get them. Well, it’s not really this way. Poker is one of the most tactical and fun card games you will probably learn to play. But, to learn it, you must start from the basics and today we’re going to teach you how the hand rankings are done. Let’s start.

Obviously in this article we are talking about the classic poker (five card draw) and so, the hand ranks are formed by five cards. In this type of poker a french deck (52 cards without jollies) is used to play. We will start from the lower point to the highest.

  • High Card – The lower point. When you weren’t able to combine any of your cards, the most high card in your hand will be your point.
  • Pair - This is a combination of two cards. They could have different seeds but must have same points (ex.: pair of Queens is two Q cards).
  • Two Pair – Same as above, but this hand rank is formed by four cards (ex.: Two Pair, Eight and Five is two eights and two Fives).
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards, same points (ex.: Trips Fives is three five cards).
  • Straight - One of the most solid and high points. It’s formed by five consecutive (points) cards (ex.: 10, J, Q, K, A is the highest straight possible). Straight takes its name from the highest card in your hand rank. In the latter example it will be called like this: Straight, Ace High.
  • Flush - All the cards must be of the same seed. Points are not counted, but in case of two Flushes, the high card will win (ex.: 4, J, A, Q, 3 of diamonds will be called like: Flush, Ace High).
  • Full House – A very rare hand rank. It is formed by three even cards (ex.: 3, 3, 3) and other two even cards (ex.: J, J).
  • Four of a Kind (also known as Poker or Quads) – Four card of the same value.
  • Straight-Flush – The highest (and rarest) hand rank in poker. Just like the name suggest, it is a normal straight, but the cards must have all the same seed (ex.: 7,8,9,10,J of diamonds).

Hand Ranks aren’t that hard to learn, but while playing it can be difficoult to understand HOW to play them. In any case, if you want to learn poker, you have to pratice a lot. Good luck!