As you may have noticed from all the other articles in this website, there are really a lot of poker variations. Today, we’re gonna talk about another one of them. It’s called Pineapple Hold Em and it’s probably better identified as a variation of the Texas Hold Em and some of the Omaha. Let’s see how you could play it.

Pineapple Hold Em is very similiar to the Texas Hold Em, but it has some variations. For startes, every player will recieve three hole cards (face down cards) instead of the two dealt in the Texas Hold Em. This way, you will have much more possibility to have an high hand, but… Yeah, there’s a but. In Pineapple, you’ll have to decide how to play your hand earlier than in Texas Hold Em. In fact, after the first betting round (this mean, before seeing the flop), players must discard one of their three cards.

So, yes, you will have big chances to form a high hand, but you will have to take in consideration only two of your cards and then decide which one of your three to discard. After the first betting and discard round, the game is played just like the Texas Hold Em. Three cards are dealt facing up on the table (flop) as community cards. Then, there’s another betting round and after that one card is dealt on the table (turn). Again, another betting round will happen and finally the last card will be dealt on the table (river).

The five cards on the table can be used by the players to “create” their hands. If more than one player is still playing after the river, there will be a showdown and the best hand will win the pot.