After the rules are the strategies, as regards the lonely, does not speak of a single strategy, because there are different types of game, today we talk about the most used.

The first strategy is for the Klondike, very easy to implement, just move the cards in the deck before using Lanyard, any possibility, use an ace or two and as soon as possible showdown. You have to play to find out as all the cards from the stack. If you do not have a king at hand to fill an empty space to create another stack, and I repeat never, never leave open holes.

As we mentioned in the Klondike for the type roadster, the approach appears to be very simple, focus on a blank column, in knowing how to create and manage, will be your luck. Let me explain, how to create and manage an empty column can be useful if you need to remove the cards that are only obstacles for the cards importanti.Un important advice to follow is to always play cards with the highest value.

It ‘s time to talk about the latest variant of solitaire, FreeCell ie, the strategy to be implemented in this variant is to move cards in free cells and hence named after the game, move the cards without thinking up too, you must place the cards in order to get on top of a King The lone stands apart from other games because it has very simple strategies to be implemented.

Remember, a column used could bring harm or lose precious time or take in a dead end with a written GAME OVER big as your house.

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