Speaking of strategies in the scratch is a bit difficult, considering that in this game or is it luck, or lucky or have good luck.

There are three possibilities, luck, luck or chance as we have said, but pokerbandits us, we believe that in every game at least a strategy exists, and today we want to talk about those we know and some practical advice that could be useful if you are already lucky you.

The basic steps to follow are the following of which I speak calmly then:

Rule in play
Compare revenue with outputs
Opt for the best scratch

Set with the play is a very important, but what we mean? Simple, when you play scratchcards, very often the player will win or lose or be tempted to continue playing. But what is the motivation? If a player wins, he continues to play to win again, in case of loss, continues to recover what was lost and the wheel spins forever. So to avoid that the game becomes an obsession for you, set a budget of victory and defeat, reached that limit your play, as the saying goes, even the best know when to say ENOUGH.

Comparing the revenue expenditure is the second point, and we can say with certainty that it is linked to the previous fact, if you have a budget of € 100 available and lots of play has dropped below the 50 € it’s time to compare the losses with defeats, and assess if you should continue or not.

Third and last piece of advice is to focus on the best scratch, scratch the wound with a sum of money better not automatically the best, let me explain better, including a scratch card that offers prize money of € 10 000 and another that offers a half, many players decide to opt for one to 10 000 € but sometimes it is not the right solution, because it often happens that the ones with less than a win are the lucky ones.

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