We almost reached the end of the strategies, today we talk about the Domino, though in recent games, the strategy was almost non-existent in the domain is non-existent.

Although the game of Domino are not talking about a strategy, there are some tips to follow to get a little more chance of winning than those who play by their own theory. In the domain object of the game is to complete the boxes available, there are also many who use the boxes to form the beautiful trails that are then landed in succession, but that’s not the real purpose of the domain but always fascinating.

Back to us, if there is no strategy, how you can win easily in the domain? Simple advice is the key part of this game, follow the advice of experts is one of the focal points but sometimes banal advice that might come in are the key to victory. The first advice that we give you is to monitor and better manage your pawns.

Let me explain, if the wound can happen to a man out of the way it threatens to burn a golden opportunity which was made possible by that token also remove other chain. So think before you act on what you are doing well, the calm is the virtue of the strong, as long as you want especially if you play with friends. Another good tip is to examine the situation where you are, remove the pieces and wrapped favors the opponent can win by connecting the last pieces to your left.

These two important pieces of advice are to be taken seriously to avoid being defeated in a short time, so in summary:

- Manage your checkers
- Examine the situation before taking action

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