Lottomatica welcome 2012 with style and innovation, on the occasion of the Night Poker Club will be held at the Casino Perla in Nova Gorica from 4 to 8 January 2012, Poker Club has decided to implement a very interesting initiative called ”Bet on winner “
Do you feel lucky? Is there a player or a team that inspires you as it means? Why not apply a small bet on them if they win? Obviously, the payoff will be greater if the entire single player who bets on the team. During the days of tournament odds will vary depending on the performance of the various races.

To participate in betting just spend only 1 €, like a scratch, after all, why not start a new year with a bang and with a wallet full of cash, cash, bucks or whatever you want to call them? Be careful not to overdo it otherwise you could end up with a portfolio of laundry!

Winning is simple if you’re lucky, very lucky if you feel you should bet on the team but if you are sure to bring home a nice prize, bet on single player