Due to the economic crisis, the world of cash games is declining, state monopolies, have published data on the collection made ​​in November 2011 and as you can see are not encouraging.

Poker tournaments in particular have experienced very disappointing 117 million euroscompared to 252 million in November 2010, 1 million more than in October 2011. Thesame fate has befallen the cash games than in October, which has lost 5% of the harveststopping at 838 million euros against 882 million the previous month.

Poker earlier this year has recorded 5 billion while the cash games in just 5 months has come about 3 billion euros. Speaking of pokeroom, Pokerstars are in first place with20.97% of the market to follow, and finally Bwing Lottomatica and Microgame. To many, these figures are tutta’altro and unpleasant but for the world as well as a cash game of poker are peanuts when compared to last year.

According to analysis of the situation is critical and more years pass and the gains areminor.