The news today is that we want to give anything but pleasant, it seems Italy is the country with the most aggressive poker players.

When a country is mentioned, mentioned or praised for the positive side is always a pleasure but in this case it is a shame. The poker pro Rettenmair Marvin, one of thestrongest poker players in the world at the same time not too aggressive but said in an interview that in Italy we often come across very aggressive players.

Now we do not know what he meant his words, if aggressive in the sense of competition oraggressive words or gestures, we hope to be competitive because they have the meansmentioned in the poker world for being the country with the largest number of aggressive players is as unpleasant.

When a player is under stress, in a tournament final or a big game, often without being overwhelmed by emotions, feelings and so forth, but as we all know aggressive acts andgestures of any kind are never justified.