The cash games, poker is being played in the famous poker rooms, has made its appearance in the Italian tournament starting this January.

The difference between cash and poker classic that is played in several poker room is the mode of entry to the game in tournament mode you can join by paying a registration card that can Variara depending on the ultimate prize.
In cash games will open an account at any poker room that offers this type of game and then enter the main room where you can choose one of the tables available.

Once you have logged on to one of the tables should choose the amount that you want to enter, which shall not exceed 100 BB, of course is not compulsory leave with money so high but you can also start with a minimum of 20 times the Big Blind. Choosing us will be asked to share a dark place to start.

One of the big differences is that the level of the blinds does not increase and if we choose a table 0,50 / 1,00 always play with that level of departure, but could at any time change or leave the table and join in games with a higher budget. The difference in the poker room is this: the possibility to leave a table without any constraint.