After having outlined the strategy for calculating the outs want to talk about a council that may be helpful during tournaments and matches.  If you have followed our previous advice, you should have the foundation to understand what you want today or to count outs.

Before counting their outs on the cards is necessary to assume that the opponent has. Counting outs is related to your thinking about that avverssario cards in his hand, obviously not having the gift of reading his mind or can you imagine looking at his cards.

Unless you have a full or a backdoor flush, make sure you have four outs, if the image that your opponent has A-9, then 10 get the outs. If you had a pair of 9 and a J kicker, then your outs drop to seven. It ‘better to think of a smaller number of outs, rather than a maximum, it is often preferable to fold rather than call and then lose a large sum.